• The Value of Advertising on Facebook - What are you selling?

    Not so fast, not so fast! I've been asked by many customers to help them place an ad on Facebook. I tell them what the process is, ask them who they want to target, we discuss the criteria and how much it is going to cost. Most don't go through with it. Why? They simply do not want to spend the money.

    How do you value the success of a facebook ad? Is it by the number of clicks? Or what about the number glances? You can't measure that. Why not just the number of dollars in the door? This question is certainly coming under scrutiny since their disappointing IPO and share prices continue to plummet. Their first earning figures since the IPO are coming out on Thursday. We shall see. But just because someone doesn't click on your ad, doesn't mean they didn't see it. And now that space can't be used by your competitors. Google has been in the advertising business a lot longer and right now, they are the clear winner. This subject is a heated one. Just Google it and read on....

    Yet no one is talking about an issue I think is critical here -- what are you selling? Sandwiches, pizza, shoes or office supplies? Ok, I get that. But maybe you sell remanufactured parts for mopeds or aviation navigation software --- I just think there are other ways people will find you. So think about what might be the best advertising vehicle for your business. Just because something is all the rage, doesn't mean it's right for your business. And if it is, attack it likes there’s no tomorrow!


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