• Adapting to Change

    I very much enjoyed the thoughts in this article about adapting to change. It is dreadfully important to be happy in your work space or it becomes old real fast.

    Read more but I think this sums it up, "Our personal ability to adapt to change is significant and plays a large role in whether we will stay or go. Developing patience, understanding, improved communication skills and understanding life has ups and downs is certainly a responsibility for all of us."

    LinkedIn Article - click here.



  • Webs For Good Lauches New Website for St. Catherine of Siena School

    After a long winter, St. Catherine of Siena School stepped into spring with a new website. Updated, responsive and lots more happening at St. Catherine of Siena School in Trumbull, CT!



  • After Ringing in the New Year, Get Serious About Your Website

    New year, new website? For some, that is the reality. Here is some great, to the point, constructive advice for managing your SEO in the forever changing world of internet marketing, Google algorithms, mobil computing and more.

    Read here.....



  • Building a Website that is Future-Friendly

    This is a good article about developing websites using responsive design and what the client may need but doesn't know it yet. It's a journey for all of us, even the developer. Build for the future. If you don't know what responsive design is, read on....



  • It's not about Quantity; it's about Quality

    I liked this presentation by Jonathan Lister of LinkedIn about Content Marketing. Two points jumped out at me:

    "The answer isn’t necessarily to create more content, but create more relevant content. " And ...

    "Moving from information to insight creates content relevance."

    I don't just tell my clients what I can do for them with their website and marketing needs, I tell exactly what I can do for them because each one is different. They appreciate the straight-forward approach. Enough with all the fluff. Read more...



unique website

"Thank you so much for your stellar support for our organization through Webs for Good. Over the years, your guidance has been critical to the growth of our fundraising program and to our community outreach." - Chief Development Officer


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