• It's not about Quantity; it's about Quality

    I liked this presentation by Jonathan Lister of LinkedIn about Content Marketing. Two points jumped out at me:

    "The answer isn’t necessarily to create more content, but create more relevant content. " And ...

    "Moving from information to insight creates content relevance."

    I don't just tell my clients what I can do for them with their website and marketing needs, I tell exactly what I can do for them because each one is different. They appreciate the straight-forward approach. Enough with all the fluff. Read more...



  • Photo Editing

    I recently came across this article when looking for a free photo editing package that would allow me to edit some pictures for a customer's website. I found it really helpful! I hope you do too!

    Free Downloadable Photo Editing Software



  • Is Social Media a Waste of Time? What's Your Social Media Plan for the New Year?

    Well, I know for my 15-year old daughter, it’s a tremendous waste of time. Have you actually spent the time to measure the results of social media for your company or your organization? Does having more “likes” actually get you business? I just don’t think so.

    I believe having a Facebook page or Twitter account for your business or organization is, in fact, a good thing, but let’s not get carried away. Think about the amount of time you or your employee has invested in constantly keeping your social media outlets up to date. God forbid you actually pay someone to do it for you! Pa-lease!

    There are many promotional offerings to trick people into “liking” your page. I went along with one this summer and won a bench from Walpole Woodworkers. Oh, joy..... I like my bench. I like Walpole Woodworkers. But the next time I am shopping for a product they supply, I’m going to do my homework and base my decision on price and service. Last time I did that, I picked them. Next time, I might not.

    I think in the New Year, we should focus on how we can actually get people to like our brand, like our services and like us, not our page. I’m not saying you should completely ignore social media marketing either.

    A few points to ponder in the New Year in regards to your own social media marketing plan:

    - If you have something to say on Twitter or Facebook, just say it. You shouldn’t care how many likes you have, but that someone actually likes you and your product/service. Let’s be real about it. You can’t con someone into liking you. They’ll figure it out sooner than later.

    - Why in the world would you pay a consultant to Tweet or post to your Facebook page for you? You or your employee know your business the best. You can figure this out; really you can.

    - Try to come up with an actionable plan as to what social media is really doing for you. I believe it truly depends on your line of business. I might go on a Facebook page to see if an organization is having a holiday fair or see my friend’s video from Haiti, but I’m not going to visit Facebook to find new orthotics for my son or buy a bench.

    Happy New Year! Now go Tweet this!!



  • Amen to this Post on LinkedIn! Women Conference's are a drag!

    Just read it. I don't need to add anything!!

    Post by Nancy Lublin.



  • Cloud Services to Help with the Productivity of Your Project

    Found this article interesting. I recently started using Basecamp in support of a large project. Many players, in putting up a new website for a local high school. Basecamp was key in keeping us all up to date and sharing files. Check out the other options in this article below!

    Juggling Project resources



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